Ghana and Bright Colors

Ghana is a country in West Africa, famous for its salt mines, cocoa, gold and a unique type of textiles. Nwentoma is a cloth worn only for special occasions and it used to be a royal privilege. Its bright colors all have a certain significance. Ghana is among the few countries that still make this type of clothing.


Ghanaians wear nwemtoma for very important celebrations and festivals. They are a very respectful kind of persons, humble and generous. The festivals show their integration in the community and the wish to make peace with their ancestors. Don’t miss out on any celebration: Ghanaians love colors so it’s a delightful sight. Besides, you get the chance to listen to their music or watch them perform traditional dances. Ghana is known as one of the most peaceful countries all over Africa, with a very calm and patient population. One of their old proverbs reads ‘Hate is immune to all medicine’.


The reasons behind Ghana’s reputation are quite different. The country is famous for its packed means of transportation and for its soccer team (see Uruguay – Ghana 2010). A Ghanaian is not expected usually to pass its 50s. That’s why men and women alike gain a honorific title if they pass their 30s and another one after their 50s. In addition, some community leaders have many wives and their tradition says a wife’s price is paid in cows. If you want to buy fish or any other type of meat, you’ll find that they keep it freely under the sun and not in a fridge. Probably the most common and nice sight is that of women carrying their little babies on their backs, wrapped in colorful pieces of clothing. Ghanaians carry heavy objects on their heads and kids on their back.

The lake Volta and the Nile River are the main attractions. Wild animals populate the forests and national parks offer breathtaking landscapes. A large number of castles remind Ghana of its past and especially colonial rule. Beaches are common tourist destinations as they are quiet, sunny and relaxing.