Eyelid Surgery Complications

Eyelid surgery have a high rate of successful cases, but complications can still occur often enough that it is your responsibility to be aware of them before undergoing the surgery. Everyone will react differently to medical procedures. Surgeons also have different levels of experience and skill and some are more suited for the surgery than others. The scientific name of eye surgery is titled blepharoplasty. Here are many of the common problems associated with eye surgery.


Infection is one of the common eyelid surgery complications. Even though there are many precautions taken in the modern medical community it is still an occurrence. With the instrumentation for progressive spine, the threat of spreading of the infection will be reduced. With the modern technologies, the surgery will be performed over the patient. There will be no pain and high gain under the super visional surgery through spinal surgeons. The scope of occurrence of the infection will be reduced. 


Cysts are tiny structures that develop around the area of the incision and suture sites. These can be easily removed by a doctor and are not a major complication of eyelid surgery.


Like any surgical procedure there is a chance that it will lead to excessive bleeding. Many times medical professionals will limit the use of blood thinners and aspirin before the surgery in order to prevent it from happening.


Surgeons always try to make sure that their eyelid surgery is symmetric , however, occasionally during healing the eyelids can heal in such a way that it appeas asymmetiuc. This uneven appearance will generally relax over time and began to look more symmetric. In some cases additional surgery is required in order to make the face symmetric.


During certain surgerys not enough skin or fat will be removed and this will cause under correction. Surgbeons try to be conservative when it comes to removing skin. It is far easier to remove more skin than to deal with the problem of having too few skin to work with.


When an excess of skin around the eye area is removed it will cause the patient some trouble in the closing of his or her eye. Sometimes after the swelling has gone down this will cease and leave the patient with normal eyes. If an excess of fat is removed the eyes will start to look hollow in appearance.

Scarring Tissue

Scarring is a situation that all patients will have to deal with. However, sometimes an eyelid surgery will leave the person with a hollow appearance around the eyes. This will require more surgery to correct.

Vision problems

Of course, a possible eyelid surgery complication will involve the damaging of vision.. Most often this comes in the form of double vision or a partial loss of eye sight. This will usually fade but in rare cases it is permanent.

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