Everything You Need to Know about Spring Water

Bottled water is one of the essential products that will never disappear in the grocery store, supermarket, and convenience store and even in restaurants. Since water is very crucial to human body, it is good that we can easily get it wherever we are and thanks to bottled water, our thirst will be quenched. You may already know that one of the common types of bottled water in the market is spring water. But what exactly is spring water? How is it made? What is the process? To answer that question, read on!

First and foremost, let us first define what spring water is. As defined by some of the reliable and credible sources, spring water is defined as water coming from an underground sources or aquifer. Basically, an aquifer is a huge underground deposit of water. It exists in some spectacular areas all throughout the world. You may have heard of artesian water. Well, you might be thinking that artesian water and spring water are pretty similar. And you are not mistaken! Spring water and artesian water are basically the same thing. So simply explained, spring water comes from underground. 

Now that you already know what spring water is, let us now learn and understand how this water is made. One of the misconceptions that people think when they heard water that comes from underground is that it is dirty. But the truth and reality is, spring water actually undergoes one of the most amazing processes of natural filtration just to get the surface. So technically speaking, spring water gets through the surface through the spring water themselves. Usually, spring water are found in limestone and other areas with thick bedrock.  For more information, you can click this link: https://www.diamondrock.com/shop/bottled-water/5-gallon-bottle/.

Now, when the spring water reaches the surface, it is being collected in several ways. Most of the time, water is being extracted from the basin of underground. This has become possible by simply creating wells. Wells are one of the easiest and effective ways to access the underground water. Wells also maintain and keep the cleanliness, quality and purity of water. This is one of the best ways to get or collect spring water. It is pretty simple but for companies who produce spring water to the market, they utilize other methodologies.

We mentioned earlier that spring water is naturally pure in its form. However, this water is still treated before being bottled. So even the purest spring water still has to undergo stringent filtration before it is put into bottle and sell to the market. This is considered as the last line of defense. Why is there a need for filtration? Basically, even spring water and its aquifers or the underground are naturally pure, there will always be some chances for chemical impurities to pass through. Hence, for spring water companies and suppliers, it is important to carefully consider the process to ensure the safety and health of the consumers.


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