Embracing Your Intuition: Getting Exactly What You Desire

The word intuition is now becoming more accepted in today’s society. But how do we know the difference between intuition and our own random thoughts? Are both of these types of thoughts connected to one another, or is there an unknown spirit putting these images and thoughts into the mind?

Programming to the mind with the ability to manifest your desires is an ability that is not easy to accomplish. The first step in accessing your intuition is to shut down the useless chatter which dominates the mind. When this “mental chatter” is controlled, then the mental block is slowly eliminated and intuition begins to flourish. This will also result in Improved science grades as you will be able to concentrate on your studies more effectively. Additionally, you will see how you memory power will be boosted as you develop a keen sense of intuition.


It’s been said that the word “imagination” is the most harshly used word in the English language. What some of us believe is imagination is actually our intuition trying desperately to speak to us. The third-dimensional mind produces thousands of thoughts an hour, and yet it’s our job to interpret these thoughts and file them away somewhere in the mind.

Intuition is defined by Webster’s dictionary as: “the act by which the mind perceives the agreement or disagreement of two ideas.” If we can’t even get the kids to agree on something, how are we ever going to get millions of thoughts which enter our minds to agree on one simple solution?

Most thoughts that pass through the mind are regrets from the past or worries for the future. These thoughts are put into the mind by the ego. The ego’s job is to keep us aware of our sense of self which controls our thoughts of self-preservation.

Getting beyond these thoughts of self requires the ability to reprogram the mind. And now, the sixty-four thousand dollar question is: can we reprogram our minds to think in a more intuitive manner? And if we can, then what can we do with these intuitive thought patterns once we receive them?


In order to use the mind to get exactly what you want out of life, you must first build a mental filter for the thoughts which enter the mind. The first plan of attack is to be mentally aware of which thoughts normally dominate the mind.

Are these just useless thoughts that you have no power to change or alter in any way? Or are they just worry that constantly play over and over in the mind without any hope of solution? This is where the ego again comes into play.

The ego and the third-dimensional mind are two combatants in life which fight one round after the next into infinity. We play the part of the mental referee as we feed the mind and the ego both, making each one stronger with each thought that enters the mind. Sadly some people continue to replay these thoughts over and over desperately trying to find a solution to a problem that can never be solved.

Throw out all of these thoughts which are worries from the past or future. Every time a “useless” thought enters the mind immediately throw it out and replace it with a positive thought. This is how the subconscious mind comes into play: when you focus the attention of your thoughts on areas of interest while you’re awake.

Mental Clarity

Once you’ve learned to redirect the focus of your thoughts, the mind begins to filter out “some” of the negative thought patterns. These destructive thought patterns are blocking our intuition as they’re constantly bombarding the mind with negativity. Intuition is being drowned out by all of the negativity.

Although negativity is a great teacher in life, an overactive ego can also help negative thoughts to flourish in the mind. Once you’ve broken the mold of destructive thinking the mind begins to open up to intuition in its purest form.

Meditation is also a great way to silence and train the mind. This form of mental relaxation helps to silence the mind of all of the excess mental chatter to get to intuition. Now you’re free to listen to the inner voice which lies within us all.

How many times have you started to do something when an inner voice told you to stop and rethink the whole idea over again? This is intuition in its purest form. The key is to be able to hear this voice at any given moment and react to the information which is provided.

Manifestation of Thought

With the new mental mindset, you’re able to perceive reality with a whole new outlook. The mind has been totally retrained to evaluate situations with a clear perception of reality. The ego is slowly being put in its place.

As you go through the day your focus is now on what you desire, not what you fear. These new thought patterns are now being processed to the subconscious which plays an important part in manifesting your destiny.

Your perception is now open to the opportunities of life itself. As your desires are being internally registered into the inner mind, opportunities soon begin to arrive. Now it’s your job to watch and listen to these “coincidences” when they arrive.

Many opportunities arrive every day, and most of these situations are usually missed in the confusion of our mental perceptions. Living in the moment, not the past or the future is the best way to be mentally aware of opportunities when they arrive at your doorstep.

The ability to listen and to manifest these thoughts and desires is your decision. So, do you continue to listen to these destructive thoughts, or can you shut down the endless chatter of the mind, and listen to intuition when it beckons to you? The answer to this question lies deep within the silence of your mind.

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