Downloading Video- Ways to Tryout Streaming Technique

This is going to be an interesting write up as it pertains to entertainment and there can be no greater medium in the current times than that to pique the interest of youngsters because that it is the language they can relate to the most.

When it comes to the field of entertainment, we all are spoilt for choice and lookout for newer options wherever possible which has become rare to find due to the increase in the number of platforms with the skyrocketing popularity of digital media.

Given the current situation of lockdown, people have found solace in OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix that are brimming with some of the best movies from all over the world with the greatest stars so this can be counted as a blessing in disguise where you can enjoy innumerable flicks that you couldn’t due to work schedule.

Way to Do So

We can download through various measures through many sites in one go but first of all, let us see what all tools are needed for downloading video from a different website because there are rules that you would need to abide by.

The tools are as follows:

  1. Video Download Helper- One of the best things you can find online in a hundred years as the browser extension is simple to handle but it has to be installed for downloading purposes and it’s available on Google Chrome and Firefox. While watching a video online, do click on the button near the address bar of the browser
  2. Freemake Downloader- When it comes to downloading tools, it is hard to miss out on this one as it is free of cost, formidable long lasting among others but unfortunately it can be found only on Windows. Given the handicap, you can download it in MP4, FLV, AVI, etc. where you just need to copy-paste the URL
  3. YouTube DL- You can find this one on Linux, Mac and Windows and is supported by YouTube, Facebook, HBO, Daily Motion and others and it is best for graphical interface
  4. 4K Video Downloader- It is quite simple and straightforward where you copy the URL link of the streaming video and then copy-paste it on the official website as its available in 8K, 4K, 720p but only if the source video is there and can be found on Linux, Mac and Windows


For a detailed account on downloading live videos while they are streaming, you can visit the website where you will get to know about the live streaming platform called Twitch where you can use it to access other streams.

It is a simple process where you have to go to Twitch TV website and copy the linked video by downloading and playing it on the main site itself. The moment it starts up, take the link from the browser format and right click it after copying.

This is an excellent format through which you can watch live streaming videos or movies without any technical issues because they are sometimes difficult to handle in a broader sense.

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