A Guide To Clipper Sizes – Making Home Haircuts Easier

Going to the barber every month for a haircut was very common. But, with more accessible technology, people have started grooming themselves. Men haircut is one such example. A few decades ago, it was common to see people around barber shops waiting for haircuts. But now, with battery operated hair clippers available at very affordable rates, men tend to invest in them.

But the biggest challenge comes while trying to get things together to get started. There are many numbered blades that the clippers come with and you don’t know which one to use. If you are in such a situation, then read on to be a pro in choosing the right blade for the kind of haircut you wish to have.

What’s Up with The Haircut Numbers?

Haircut numbers actually refer to the guard number(size) which is attached to the battery operated hair clippers. This number is usually etched to the guard itself. For example, a number two haircut means that #2 guard will be attached to the clipper to leave about 1/4th of an inch of hair on the scalp. There are 9 haircut numbers in total ranging between 0 and 8. Most battery operated hair clippers come with a set of 8 guards numbered from 1 to 9. Now, we shall see what each guard/haircut number stands for and what will be the length of the hair after using the clippers.

Numbered Haircuts – Demystified

Below are the haircut numbers explained in simple terms so that you can easily select which guard to use while hair cutting or beard trimming.

  • Number 0 – Actually, there is no number 0 guard. Number 0 haircut stands for using no guard and cutting the hair using the permanent guard of the clipper. This cut provides a very short buzz cut and the skin or the scalp is almost exposed.
  • Number 1 – This one uses guard number 1 with the trimmer. It is also a very short cut, slightly longer than a number 0 cut. It leaves hair which is about 1/8th of an inch long after trimming. This also leaves your scalp exposed.
  • Number 2 – This one uses guard number 2 with the battery operated hair clippers. This leaves hair which is 1/4th of an inch long – a fuller hairstyle without exposing your scalp.

  • Number 3 – This one uses guard number 3. It leaves behind hair which is 3/8th of an inch, almost three times that of the Number 0 haircut.
  • Number 4 – Number 4 haircut uses guard number 4. It leaves half an inch-long hair behind.
  • Number 5 – This uses guard number 5 leaving behind 5/8th of an inch-long hair behind. This is mostly used for taper styling.
  • Number 6 – This uses guard number 6 leaving behind 3/4th of an inch-long hair. This one also is used for tapering hair.
  • Number 7 – This uses guard number 7 leaving behind 7/8th of an inch-long hair. This gives a nice crew cut for men with thick hair.
  • Number 8 – This uses guard number 8 leaving behind on inch long hair and is the longest clipper size made in the United States. You may use the #8 with #2 or #3 in the sides.

This was all that you needed to know about the clipper sizes and the kinds of the hairstyle each of the clipper sizes gives. Hope this helps you out.

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