A Darker Look at the Noble Field of Medicine

The world was already grappling with numerous diseases and ailments when the corona virus pandemic hit the nation like a thunderbolt and slowly, but surely, took the entire nation into its grasp.

The China-originating virus has claimed thousands of lives till now and the toll keeps on rising with each passing day, although all the nations have joined hands to fight it valiantly and have succeeded to an extent.

Speaking of disease and illness, a huge shout out has to go to the doctors who are there to cure us from various maladies and are revered no less than gods and for providing patients a new lease of life.

Tarnishing a Profession of Virtue

In the old times, ancient physicians had the most original and authentic way for treatment where they relied on natural therapy where solutions were abundant but the bonus was that sources were reliable.

Medical plants and herbs played the role that tablets, capsules and syrup play in modern times while the first priority of the physician was to cure his patient of all types of diseases, be it normal or life threatening.

Sadly, as time passed, mankind became more and more greedy for money and began to lose the sense of morality and today the world of medicine has acquired a notorious and dubious image where doctors are more interested in making money, often at the cost of their patients’ well being.

This is alarming news and quite ironic as the first thing that a potential doctor does after obtaining is medical degree is to take a promise to treat all patients without any bias and to the best of his ability.

The promise is called Hippocratic Oath and there is not a doctor in existence in modern times who has joined the profession through legal means and not taken it, an impossible feat that is tantamount to criminal offence.

With the advent of social media, this practice has become easier for such con artists who pose as medical doctors and siphon off money from innocent victims so therefore this problem needs to be looked into.

Be Alert

Medical profession has become a brokerage firm where doctors have turned brokers and demand extra not only from patients but also students in the form of medical fees, which has tainted this virtuous profession like no other.

Therefore, one needs to be alert and not fall for these people who are now marketing their skills at a large scale so you need to watch out for them so as to not be lured into the trap.

You can get the free med spa online marketing platform and ascertain who all are into this business, which will help you to enhance your knowledge about the tips and tricks involved in the process.

Medical advertisements are there in large numbers and you need to look at the details given in their section like name, contact number and address to find out whether they are genuine or not and if they seem suspicious, file a police complaint and leave them to the rest.

7 Digital Tips To Help New Online Players

If you are a new online player, you are in the right place. This article will provide you some of the essential tips for beginners.


With numerous games that are competitive in nature, some players in the online gaming community tend to forget the main goal of playing online games that is to enjoy and have fun. Always remember that the point of games is to have new experiences and try new things without suffering from defeat or pain. Games are for entertainment and they are not supposed to add stress and frustration to you. So as a new online player, it is important to keep in mind that it is important to enjoy and have fun whether you are losing or winning.

Choose Your Game

Usually, when people hear the word ‘online gaming’, they always perceive it as those first person shooters like call of duty and Fortnite or also massively multiplayer online role playing games such as Elder scrolls Online and World of Warcraft or wow shadowlands services. While these games are the popular ones online, there are several more types of games that you can choose. Some of these games include board games, puzzle solving games and familiar card games. Your preference should not dictate what the majority is playing. Instead, you should feel free on choosing the right types of games for you. 

Get Yourself Ready

Before playing any game, or whatever game it is that you want to play, it is not ideal to jump right away and start playing. You should do your research first and at least know something about the game before playing it. You can use some of the resources available online such as the basic story, the basic gameplay, and even the technical problems that you need to avoid. There are also other forum groups online that you can join so you can make some friends who will support and guide you.

Start Slow, Learn the Ropes

While the learning curve will depend on the games that you are playing, generally, there are certain levels of players proficiency on any online game. As a rule of thumb, less experienced gamers should stick to beginner and tutorial levels while hardcore gamers will want to seek games or levels that are more challenging and tougher. So as a newcomer in the online gaming community, it is advisable to match your experience and skills with the levels of the game. Everything takes time so keep on playing until you master it.

Utilize Controls

The online gaming world is just like the real world, there will be some challenges that you will encounter along the way. There will be other players who will show you toxic behavior. These people can derive a semblance of joy by zapping some of ye joy out of your life. So to keep yourself from any negativity, make sure to avoid these people. The good thing is most online games have set of tools that you can use to block and report toxic behavior and naming the individuals responsible for it. Make sure to use these controls when necessary.

Don’t Overspend

It is not also advisable to overspend money on purchasing some items when playing a particular game. Nowadays, there are several online games that have a feature that players considered as pay to win. While buying items on games can certainly make you competitive and advance easily on the game, it is not ideal to overspend. Make sure to set a limit when buying. Some players get addicted on spending their money just to buy some items on the game. Always keep in mind that when playing mobile games for entertainment, it should not compromise your money.

Practice Security

One of the things that gamers overlook when playing online games is security. Playing online games should not put your security and personal details at risk. So make sure to use strong passwords, never share your password, never share personal information with strangers in game and be careful which email account you use for your account. It is important to always practice common sense security measures when setting up on any games.

Delicious Ways to Cut Calories

Those on a plan for weight-loss often feel deprived, cheated, and even punished when they think they must give up their favorite foods in order to cut calories and lose weight. This couldn’t be further from the truth. People who don’t completely deprive themselves are more likely to lose weight and keep that weight off indefinitely.

Don’t punish yourself by choosing foods that are bland, tasteless, and boring. You can cut calories while rewarding yourself with foods that are healthful, appetizing, and absolutely delicious. The following ways to cut calories will help you lose the weight you want without feeling like a loser. You can cut calories without cutting flavor.

Healthy Low-fat Sauce

If you love meat and side dishes covered in rich delicious sauce, you don’t have to give up the sauce in an effort to cut calories. There are ways to make delicious sauces that are very low in calories but not low in flavor.

To make healthy low-fat sauce, puree your favorite vegetables in a food processor or blender. Add seasonings of your choice, and enjoy delicious low-cal, low-fat, healthy sauce over fish, potatoes, poultry, or pasta.

Tasty Veggie Toppings

Do you need something to top your baked potato besides fattening butter, cheese sauce, and sour cream? No one likes a dry baked potato. Dice, season, and sauté your favorite veggies, and make a delicious baked potato that only tastes fattening.

You Can Eat Pancakes

If you love pancakes but think you must avoid them in order to lose weight, think again. There are ways to cut calories without cutting flavor. You can enjoy the delicious pancakes you love within moderation, and you can top them with low-calorie low-fat sweet and tasty spreads.

Look for sugar-free pancake syrup in the grocery store, or try one of the many natural jellies or preserves. Jam or jelly on a pancake is truly delicious. Alternately you can top a pancake with your favorite fresh fruit. Top it all with a dollop of reduced-calorie whipped cream, and you’ll have a low-fat sweet treat that no one will believe is low-cal.

Even Hershey’s chocolate syrup isn’t a bad idea because it contains relatively low calories and they make the pancakes look excellent that satisfy our taste buds and people with a sweet tooth would love this alternative as the lost weight might not see a resurge.

Sweet and Tasty Yogurt

Rich creamy yogurt with candy sprinkles or other additions tastes great, but read labels before you make a choice. You might discover the delicious yogurt you thought was a good selection is loaded with fat and calories.

Create your own flavored yogurt brimming with tasty additions for less than the price of store-bought concoctions, and you can have what you want without the extra calories. There are easy ways to turn an ordinary yogurt into an extraordinary treat. Buy plain yogurt, and stir in sugar-free jam and delicious chunks of dried or fresh fruits.

You Can Have Pie

Do you realize how many calories the top crust adds to a simple piece of fruit pie? Choose fruit pie without a top crust and you’ll save 150 calories. You can have your pie and eat too!

How to Get a Home Loan or Mortgage

To obtain a home loan, be prepared to show full documentation on everything, and be prepared to show excellent credit. While FHA and VA loans are still available, everything changed in 2007 – 2008 because documentation was either minimal or lacking, and because there was a mistaken belief that property values would climb endlessly.

Today, appraisals are still used, but comparative values are showing what we all know: foreclosures rule the price in many home markets and very often, lenders holding properties will sell them quickly rather than incur further losses. These lender-held properties do provide a better opportunity, so consider them first. Let a qualified realtor guide you.

Here is what to expect today:

First, bring a decent down-payment which is not borrowed from anyone (if a gift, bring a notarized “gift letter”). It would be best to consider 20% down to help cover loan costs and fees and to buy-into the home equity! Bring what you can by saving for it!

The 1003 (ten-oh-three) form is the loan application. It must be completed in total, and it is a long form. Be truthful! Padding income or hiding debt won’t work. Self-employed people, seasonal employees, and those with poor credit will have to prove income and demonstrate a solid ability to pay. Most lending guidelines suggest the payment amount must be no more than 25 to 33 percent of the total monthly income. Those rules depend on the loan type, and may change based on your personal situation.

Bring recent paycheck stubs, two years of income tax returns, including the W2’s, bank, IRA, 401K, credit card, and all installment loan statements. Those employed in their jobs for two years or less will be scrutinized more closely. Employment and deposits will be verified in writing, independently, by the underwriters.

Bring “poor credit explanation” letters. Explain long gaps in employment. A full credit report will show all your past mistakes (7 to 10 years…or more), so don’t think you can hide anything. Criminal history also will be a negative. Explain every potential negative in writing before coming-in for a loan. Bring all “loan recommendation” letters, too.

If you can be “pre-qualified,” this makes home-hunting easier. Find property in an area that accommodates a short commute to work. Find property that fits your and your family’s lifestyle. Don’t over-buy, because your loan won’t happen.

Those heavily in-debt via credit cards will find limited choices for real estate financing, if any. Those with good history of installment debt payments will find easier approval.

The process is complex, but it is common-sense. What you say must be independently provable, so be honest, patient, and prepared. Apply for a loan that benefits the person with less installments amount and premium. Get a loan in 60 minutes! The scheme is provided through different financial institutions for urgent requirement. The procedure of obtaining amount will be simple and easy to understand. Proper research can be made at online sites for further information. 

Back Pain Follies

Does your back hurt on a regular basis? If so, the reason might be more than your sciatica. You could be participating in a back-pain folly that adds to your misery. Here are a few you’ll want to avoid that are recommended by a credible spine specialist.

  1. The heavy-purse-curse. By carrying a purse heavier than 10-pounds, you’re adding stress onto your back. Opt for a lighter version filled with only the necessities of life – wallet, lipstick, cell, pen, tissue, and keys. It’ll ease your pain and even help your posture.

  1. Sit-up your seat. Poor posture adds to back pain. As a result, it’s important to walk tall and sit-up straight. You can do the latter by making a conscious effort to keep all of your adjustable chairs in an erect position. You can start by pushing up the seat in your car and chair in front of your desk.
  1. Keep items at arms-length. Keep items commonly-used in your home at arms-length. What do I mean? Make sure they are on the lower shelves of high cabinets or on counter-tops. By doing so, you’ll avoid straining to reach high or low for items. This practice will save your back.
  1. Throw away your pillow. Do you have an old bed-pillow that you just can’t part with? Although it may hold sentimental memories, it’s probably not doing such a great job of holding up your head. If your pillow is less than 6’inches thick, it’s adding stress to your neck that will permeate down to your back. Therefore, it’s time to throw it away and buy a new one.
  1. Let go of stress. Most of us collect stress in different parts of our body. A popular place in our back. As a result, it’s important to take time out each day to relax. You can do it by adding a ten-minute meditation time to your daily schedule in which you sit in a quiet place and think positive thoughts. It will surprise you how much better you feel afterward.

  1. Control heavy exercise. Are you busting your butt to lose a few extra pounds? Although your waist could be getting slimmer, your back might be getting worse. Be sure that you do any type of heavy exercise using proper form in order to avoid unnecessary back strains. It’s also vital that you stretch before you do it for at least 5 to 10 minutes.
  1. Sleep easy. If you sleep on your side or back, you’ll want to change positions. The best way to sleep is on your side with a pillow between your knees. It will promote your sleep and ease your back pain.

Here’s How To improve your web design

Nowadays, websites are very crucial tools for businesses. Websites serve as the digital store for customers to buy products and see all the information that they need to know about the business. But how do you create a killer website? Here are some of the essential tips for creating and improving web design. 

Create Your Plan

When designing your website, it is not ideal to start right away without any plans. It is important that you first create guidelines for your website. Having plans will ensure that your website is effectively meeting the needs of your visitors. You have to answer the questions like what pages are you going to provide to your visitors, what content do you think are they going to read, and what offers are they gonna convert on? Answering these questions will serve as your foundation in creating a killer website for your business.

Make Everything Clear

You should also be able to make everything crystal clear on your website. This means that you should not use words that are ambiguous such as jargons. It is better to use conversational language where your visitors can easily understand and get what you are trying to tell through your website. Also, the categories and sections of your website should be very easy to navigate. Your visitors should not be confused and lost when navigating your website. Having a friendly user interface will certainly add to the improvement and development of your website.

Include Social Share

Millions of people are using social media everyday. And for sure, your visitors are doing the same thing. Hence, when creating or improving your website, it is strategic to include social share where your visitors can share your content through their social media accounts. Not only it will help your business to be promoted but it will also help you attract more visitors that will soon turn to lead generation. Make sure to include buttons, which will serve as a non pushy tool that encourages social sharing from your buyer personas. Your website should also be linked to your business social media accounts as well.

Use the Right Image

Images add life and color to your website. However, you should be careful in choosing the right images. As a rule of thumb, it is not advisable to use stocky images. You should use actual and real photos specially if the content is about people or products. You should also always ensure that your images are relevant to your content. However, if real photographs are not an option,  there are several techniques that you can use to help you out in choosing the right type of stock photo. 


Last but the not the least is navigation. This is a very crucial aspect of your business because it will determine whether your visitors will stay in your website or not and whether they will find your website easy to use. The interface of your website should be very friendly user. 

For more information on how to create a killer website, you can visit

Money Saving Tips for the Small Business: DIY Projects

With the world of the internet, the Do-it-yourself world seems much easier and cost effective to utilize. This is not always the case. There are times that something is simple enough for you to do on your own and can save a lot of time and money. Some tasks sound cheaper to tackle on your own but can run up a huge tab to do correctly. Choosing to do something on your own can be a plus, but if not done correctly or professionally it can cost you in the long run. Virtually anything can be done on your own. If it is possible for a person to create it, then you can do it on your own. That does not mean that the work you do is up to par or done correctly. Many tasks should only be handled by professionals, experienced hobbyist, or at least someone that knows what they are doing. All of this may be a little confusing and even overwhelming, so how do you know what to do on your own? The answer to this is something that only you can know and involves a lot of self-knowledge.

The first step in the decision is to figure out what you need done. You must look at the different things that want for your business. It is just like looking at a map. You must first know where you are going before you can find out how to get there. Once you figure out what you want for your business, you can choose how to get there. Whether it is a website, ad campaign, accounting documents, taxes, graphic design, or anything else that you may desire, you have to figure out what is lacking.

Once you know what you need, you will have to look at your own skills. Someone like myself that is not too good at accounting, would have to look at the different types of software on the market and seriously look at whether I understand it or not. Likely, it would involve some outsourcing. This is the same logic behind any process. For someone that is very tech savvy, designing a website may be a possibility. Someone that cannot understand how to use a word processor may have a more difficult time figuring this out. Many people out there try to tackle some jobs that may sound easy and end up behind schedule and over budget trying to fix their mistakes. I have had several clients come to me to fix their websites because they read a Dreamweaver for dummies book and tried to create their own site. This adds to their costs and wastes their time. Most of the time, I have to erase all of what they have done and start from the beginning. They have now wasted many hours and have a $200 software suite they cannot use. You must know your limitations before you begin. Many things sound simple but in reality, they are not. One very accurate test you can use is to research how-to guides on the internet. If you can easily read all the way through the guide and completely understand each step, then you would probably be able to accomplish the task. Another good idea is to use the library. This way you can read some how-to books for no cost. The same theory applies to the how-to books. If you understand it completely and there is no “deer in the headlights” moments while reading it over, you can probably tackle the project.

The next step in the decision is a price estimate. There are some times that a DIY project is actually more expensive than outsourcing. This may sound odd, but a company that specializes in a certain service or product can buy in bulk and offer the product or service for the same price if not lower than the cost you will incur. This is usually more evident in the construction or services fields. The McDonald’s scenario shows this very simply. McDonald’s purchases thousands of pounds of ground beef daily, where as you may buy about 2 pounds a day. You would pay around $0.98 per pound where they would pay around $0.25 a pound. Therefore, a quarter pound patty for them is pennies, where it is near $0.25 for you. This is the reason why it is the same price or cheaper for you to outsource some of the functions of your business instead of tackling a DIY project. One thing that many people overlook in the cost estimate is their time. This can be rather steep when you figure in what you could be doing instead of the project. Some times, it is necessary to do some of the projects on your own and many times can be cheaper for the simpler items. It is also the reason that some DIY projects actually cost more than hiring someone else. If you have a very busy schedule and several clients that you would be ignoring while accomplishing the project, you are actually loosing business instead of saving money. This can make the costs climb rapidly.

After you have seriously looked into all of these aspects of the DIY world, you can effectively make a good decision on whether to accomplish the task on your own. I would advise many people to take a serious look at their own abilities. In my line of work, I see several people that try to do things on their own and end up paying much more than they can afford to correct the mistakes. There are many things that are scrutinized by your customers. A low budget website or image can often alter someone’s opinions of your business before they even meet you. If your ad campaign, website, or logo looks like a preschool child designed it, you may loose clients unless you run a daycare. Professionalism means a lot in any business. Your customers want assurance that you are a legitimate business operated in a professional manner. This adds to the comfort, respect, and trust factors that the public places in your company. A DIY gone bad can wipe all that out in a matter of seconds. Do not let that discourage you from tackling some of the aspects of your business alone. You probably cannot afford to outsource everything and you likely have some skills that you can bring to the table. Just be careful in what do and always think it out.

Here are some very common tasks that are easy and will save you money:


-graphic design





-interior design

-sales displays

-human resources


When choosing a software for your small business, it is important to carefully consider all the necessary factors first before buying one. Some tools may not be applicable to the nature of your business while other may. For instance, is CRM applicable to your business? CRM is an acronym for customer relationship management.

The list goes on and is different for everyone out there. All of us have different skills, strengths, and weaknesses. All you have to do is know yourself and your limitations.

Sugar Beach Resort in Kihei, HI: A Great Spot for a Family Vacation in Alohaland

Having recently returned from my family’s fifth stay at Sugar Breach in Kihei on the island of Maui, I thought it was time to review it with the perspective that comes only after multiple visits to the same location. In brief, it is a fine value on a not-completely-tourist’s seven mile stretch of walkable/swimmable beach. Family friendly, conveniently situated, reasonable fully equipped condos await you, as does the “Aloha Spirit.”

For those of you who may have never visited Our 50th State, let me provide some context for this review.


Hawaii is the most isolated populated area in the world. That is to say, you need to travel further, in any direction, from it to get to any other populated piece of land in the world. For this reason, it is no surprise that 1) it’s main industry is tourism and 2) pretty much everything ( excepting, usually, pineapples and sugar – both grown and produced there) are markedly more expensive than they are here on the ‘mainland.’ The temperature is moderate year-round, ranging from the low 80’s to the high 80’s in the daytime and into the low – mid 70’s at night. During certain months, there is rain – but the amount and frequency varies not only by island (of which there are actually 5 you could visit) but by the side (windward or leeward) of the particular island, the relationships to the local mountain ranges (each island is a volcanic r4esidual and, as such, has hills and mountains.) Do your homework re. the island you choose, the average weather in each month and the anticipated rainfall in the specific location you are thinking about staying in before you make any reservations. Fully in the tropics, the islands enjoy a 12-month growing season and are each, in their own ways, particularly lush and rich in flora and fauna. The life that can be seen by simply snorkeling is even more remarkable!


Maui is the third largest of the 7 islands that are known to be inhabited and can be visited by tourists. The two larger are Oahu (Home of Honolulu and Pearl Harbor) and Hawaii (the “BIG Island); the smaller are Kauai (the “Garden Isle”), Molokai (Site of the famous ‘leper’ colony) and Lanai (Owned by the Dole Company and largely used to farm pineapples.) Each island has specific things to recommend it. After one visit to Kauai, a truly magnificent island garden, we visited Maui for the first time and have returned there eight times since. We are swimmers – and, for swimming, Maui is where to go! If you drive the perimeter of the island, you can pull the car off pretty much anywhere and find sandy beach to enjoy. This is not the case on Kauai where much of the island is surrounded by rather sharp coral reefs – many of which are close-in to shore. While there are a few well-developed tourist areas on the island, it remains quite lay-back, maintains a local feel and once you are outside the main highly developed tourist spots, you can enjoy Hawaii as people have been doing for many years. Just like Clavon condo in Singapore, this property is quality, with unique design, amazing ameneties and effective management. Surely, people who live here are happy and do experience convenience and comfort. So as a buyer, it is important to carefully consider a lot of factors before buying a property.


Kihei, the location of Sugar Beach, lies across the island from the main airport at Kahului (OGG) about midway between the large, highly developed tourist areas of Wailea to the South and Lahaina (the original capitol of the Nation of Hawaii) and Ka’anapali to the north. The town is a mix of tourists and locals who mix well and comfortably in homes and condos stretching along a seven-mile beach and up into the hills – or what the locals refer to as ‘upcountry.’ The central location of Kihei makes visiting attractions in either direction pretty easy (it is very HARD to get lost driving on Maui!) and ther are many interesting and wonderful things to see and do there – but this is a review about one particular resort – so here goes.

The Sugar Beach Resort:

The Sugar Beach resort was built in the late 1970’s at the beginning of what would turn into some major development on this section on Maui. There are four buildings. Two are “Ocean Front” meaning that they face the ocean – and when you sit on the lanai (the Hawaiian word for ‘porch’ or ‘deck’. The other two offer “Partial Ocean View” meaning that they are situated so that the view includes ocean as well as the central garden, pool area. We have stayed in three of the four buildings and for the few dollars difference in price, suggest the Ocean Front units. There is nothing quite like a Hawaiian sunset viewed head-on!

Each unit is privately owned and available for rent through four or five main property management companies during the periods when they are not being occupied by their owners. All units are required to have certain basic things included, including a small washer-dryer, pots and pans, flatware , dishes and glasses, coffee makers, blenders and toasters. All units also have TVs, internet access (for a fee), local phones, VHS and CD players. We have stayed in units that had MUCH more and ones that had only the essential requirements. Full sized beds are common, but some units have Queens or even Kings. All have showers, but some have tub/showers. Some have DVD players, others not. Some have ceiling fans – all are fully air-conditioned.

Because Sugar Beach is not new and not in the heart of the tourist areas, it is less expensive and, for the price, offers a great deal. The pool and hot tub are adequate for family recreation and are well maintained, as are six over-sized outdoor gas barbeques available to everyone who is staying there. There are two outdoor tennis courts on the grounds for those so inclined. There is also a small bar/restaurant and two ‘activity’ stores where you can book trips, special activities, etc. without having to leave the grounds.

The housekeeping services are quick and responsive. In one instance, the sliding door to the bathroom came off the tracks and jammed. It was on a Sunday night. We called the 24 hour help desk – a service man appeared in about 30 minutes and determined that it could not be easily repaired and would need some major wall-opening work. Consequently, the company made another unit available to us first thing the next morning! In another instance, the coffee pot was not working – we called. About twenty minutes later, a young woman appeared at our door with a new Mr. Coffee!

The resort, itself, sits about midway on a beautiful seven-mile stretch of beach – perfect for morning walks. The Trade Winds do come up frequently in the afternoons, sometimes rendering the beach too windy to really enjoy. Time, then, to move to the pool which is only about 20 feet from the short, but somewhat protected and, of course, heated.

Units are available in one and two bedroom configurations. Our extended family stayed in a two-bedroom unit on the Pent House (top) floor of the other Ocean Front building – and it was truly magnificent!

So, after many visits to Sugar Beach – Would we return? Absolutely!

What have we learned? Ask about EVERYTHING. Know what you want and require. Do not hesitate to ask your booking agent to request it for you. They DO aim to please and, all-in-all, they do a good job of it.

Weight Loss Tips

As anyone who has tried to lose weight knows, weight loss is an endeavor that takes a great amount of determination and will power. Be equipped for success by following these weight loss tips.

Joining a gym is a great first step, but take it a few steps farther by hiring a trainer. Your trainer will help motivate you, and push you, so that you learn where your true limits are.

Accountability is key. Join a weight loss support group such as Weight Watchers or an online group, which will keep you accountable and offer encouragement on your path to your weight loss goals.

Weight watchers are one of the best groups you can find online for losing weight because they have a reputation of having excellent solutions that are easy to follow for overweight people. Another one is the NJ Center for CoolSculpting, which might confuse you as it has sculpting in it but more concerning to the sculpting of the body.

Cut out alcohol. Alcoholic beverages are full of empty calories. Saving alcohol until after you reach your goal weight is a better option.

Exercise is an important part of losing weight. The more you move, the more calories you burn, and the more calories that you burn the fewer calories that will sit on your body as excess weight. If you want to lose weight, you must add exercise into your daily routine.

Find an exercise routine that you enjoy. Take a dance class, swim, or jog, whichever form of exercise makes you want to work-out is the form that you should be doing. You have to enjoy it to be able to stick with it for life, so explore the many options that are offered and find what it is that you love.

Count calories. Yes it can be tedious, but nobody said that losing weight is an easy thing to do. Realizing how many calories you consume in a day, may be the key to helping you lose weight.

Dine in. While eating out is convenient, you don’t know what goes into your food before it gets to your table. Restaurants also serve large portions of food to their guests making it very easy to overeat. When you do choose to dine out, ask for a box with the meal and put half of it away immediately. You’ll not only have leftovers to enjoy another time, but you’ll also help your weight loss goals by consuming half of the calories.

Keep a food diary. This will force you to think before you eat and cut down on unconscious snacking. You may be surprised at how many times you eat without realizing it.

As you begin to reach your weight loss goals, it becomes easier to stick with your weight loss tactics. Losing weight is a lifestyle change. There may be some habits that you add back in when you reach your goal weight, but in order to maintain you weight you will have to continue to be aware of the foods you eat and maintain healthy exercise habits. There are sacrifices along the way, but when you attain your weight loss goals, you’ll find that the improvement was worth the short-term pain.

Are You Safe in Your Own Skin?

Although some people see it as futility, especially by those with very low self-esteem, an aesthetic treatment is very important and can only be done by competent professionals. After all we are talking about your body and face. Any error that may occur might scar your trust permanently. This is where Ethos Spa is a leader for laser hair removal services in NJ can help you in taking care of your skin and get rid of all the unwanted hair. 

Can you imagine for example, getting a chemical peel and end up with permanent dark spots? Choosing a good aesthetician is the key to improving the looks of your skin and body. Let’s talk about the three “Qs” for finding a great professional who’s going to provide you with great services and visible results to enhance your natural beauty.

Qualifications Are the professionals fully licensed by the state you live in?

Some businesses when desperate to find workers, the contract just anyone who’s not yet licensed to work for them. Some state boards do not enforce regular inspections and we can just assume that by reading several cases of cross infections and even death by non-qualified workers performing illegal procedures, that inspections would become more relevant and done more often.

Per state laws every license with a photo must be visibly displayed in each and every treatment room. You can also visit your state’s board of cosmetology websites or call them to find out if the professional’s license is up to date.

Does the clinic or day spa support continuing education?

The beauty industry changes rapidly as it gets involved with medical researches and formulations of newly discovered ingredients. Attendance to shows, conventions, classes, and in house training is highly administered by the best professionals in the industry because ultimately you, the client must be informed.

Ask how long ago did the professional attention to a class. Do they ask you questions in your initial visit and have a client form for you to fill out?

There’s a big difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin, or sensitive skin and sensitized skin. Skincare companies and distributors only teach generic cookie-cutter type facials using their products. However, there are so many products and formulations to fit different types of skin and skin needs. A good esthetician will ask you questions in order to choose a skincare regimen customized especially for you and to better understand what kind of results you expect.

Do they suggest a home care regimen?

Being the largest organ of our bodies, we must continuously take good care of our skin. We must feed it with great ingredients to keep it clean, hydrated, and supple. A great skincare regimen will extend the life of your skin and an informed professional will guide you with just that.


How frustrating it is to have an aesthetician talking all the way through a facial or leaving you alone in the room with a facial mask on. That usually happens because the professional does not connect with her work, much less with the client.

Also pay attention to the quality of equipment and products. A bigger company has easy access to cheaper products, cheap labor by inexperienced trainees, and have cheap equipment, but as it is with everything else, cheap does not mean inexpensive. Again, we are talking about your body and your skin. You don’t want to visit a dermatologist because your skin has been damaged by cheap products and uninformed aestheticians.


How clean the day spa is kept will give you an idea of how clean your service is going to be.

Look for sterilizers, autoclaves (especially if it is a medical spa), disinfectant solutions and pay attention to see if the professionals wear gloves.


How many professionals are going to work with you?

Some day spas and beauty clinics have a very high employee turnover rate. They are always advertising on websites like Craigslist and local classified lists looking for new service providers. That usually indicates poor management with unilateral contracts that employees are asked to sign, which in turn creates little client retention. At such places a client is just a number. Are you a number?

You want to keep the same professional who understands your skin needs and provides you with exceptional results based on what you expect, time, and time again.

How much time is being spent on your services?

Some day spas have strict rules that limit how much time is spent on facials. Their management is still based on the so outdated industrial era thinking when production was more important than quality.

Every client has different needs, questions, and expectations. While it’s difficult to find a day spa that is generously flexible with time, make sure you’re always on time and ask how long will your service be.

Do your homework and invest some time to find a professional who will work with you, not on you. Get referrals from friends and ask them how satisfied they are with the results, after all they are not getting paid to advertise. Referrals are exclusively based on the quality of services.