Uplifting Music for a Better Day or a Relaxing Evening

Have you ever been in the mood to kick back in your favorite chair, prop your feet up on the ottoman, and let your troubles melt away to the harmonies of soft, sophisticated music? Some go for the classical approach when in this mood, but sometimes a more contemporary mood is needed. Sometimes you need an ambiance that says calm, collected, and very cool; music that relaxes, but also reminds you that life will be good when you rise from that chair. Here is my list of those songs that should be on anyone’s list of music for that occasion when you need to set the background to “smooth.”

  1. Boney James: Sara Smile

The sax in this piece is enough to put any frazzled nerve to rest. Let your head move to the beat and your heart groove to the sax and I can guarantee you will forget about the troubles in your life as you remember the good things. Smooth, calming, and very, very urbane. With the hearing of the play beatz music, there will be offering of guarantee of the product. The listening and hearing of the sound will be as per the need of the person. The person will feel relaxed and calm with the availability and purchase of the headphones or earphones. 

  1. Kirk Whalum: All I Do

Romantic and confident, this song says you know you have it going on. It reminds you that someone out there is thinking about you or, if you are with someone special, that you are thinking about him or her.

  1. Euge Groove: Livin’ Large

You cannot help but groove to this music. So sophisticated and so upbeat, this music will leave you feeling like a million bucks and wondering why you were ever stressed in the first place. It makes you feel like life is nothing but sunshine and cocktail parties with great friends.

  1. Euge Groove: XXL

What can I say; the man’s music is fantastic! Another feel good piece, this one is great to listen to before a night out on the town. After listening to this smooth number you will be ready for a night of sophisticated, adult conversation with the beautiful people of the world.

  1. Sade: Sweetest Taboo

Very little music is as sensual and chic as Sade’s. What a great song about how a lover can make you feel like you are getting away with something extraordinary. Smooth and upbeat, this song is a great pick-me-up for a sad, cloudy afternoon.

  1. Peter White: The Closer I Get to You

This is probably the best musical version of this song in my opinion. You will feel the stress and tension melting away as your soul sways to the soft notes of this piece. Never loud, never forceful, but somehow penetrates to the deepest recesses and sweeps away the shadows leaving a warm, serene glow in its wake. A beautiful song masterfully performed.

  1. Mindi Abair: Do You Miss Me

A beautiful song, Do You Miss Me, is smooth jazz with a strong beat and an ephemeral, coy vocal that leaves you feeling like the owner of a posh Manhattan night club with the whole world at your fingertips. Leave your troubles in the past and forget the worries of the future to immerse yourself in the presence that is this piece by Mindi Abair.

  1. David Sanborn: The Dream

This is a song for relaxing and remembering those slow dances with the love of your life that you thought would never end. This one may prompt you to get up from your chair and grab that special someone around the waist for a slow dance into serenity.

  1. Kenny G: Northern Lights

Keep the mood, and the dance, going with this soft number by the best selling instrumentalist of all time. This song takes you away to a place where time has no hold, where it is always that perfect time of the evening when the stars are just beginning to shine and a warm breeze is blowing off the water.

  1. Dave Koz: Together Again

End with this upbeat tune and you will leave feeling refreshed and softer, gentler version of yourself. You will see the silver lining in every cloud as this song replays in your head. Do yourself a favor as these cold winter days give way to warm, sunny spring and listen to this song. It could set the tone for your entire spring.

Is Detox Helps To Pass A Drug Test? How does It work?

If you have consumed drugs and you need to remove all the harmful toxins out from your body, then it is important for you to consider water detoxification. As a reason, it is one of the simple as well as easy method through which you can easily pass a drug test. The working of water detoxication is quite general as you just need to drink a particular amount of water so that you can easily flush out all the toxin substances present in your body. Through the urine tract, you will be able to remove all the toxic substances easily from your body. Water is in the form of indispensable material, which is easy to remove with the help of drinking it. You can also consume water to detoxify all the substance in a small amount. As it is listed that if a person wants to detox marijuana and pass a drug test, then it is important to drink lots of water so that you can easily remove it from your body.

If you want to gather some more information regarding the detoxification method for passing a drug test, then you can wisely go through this website, which is listed as Despite of this you can also go for some other methods through which it will become easy for you to detoxify all the toxic substance out from you body such as you can consume dietary supplements which are consist of vitamins B. as a reason it is also as a reason it is also a convenient method, but if you are considering detoxification method, then it will become more beneficial for you. 

Is it the right method to proceed detox method for passing a drug test?

If you are considering the detoxification method for removing all the toxic substances out from your body, then it is the right method for you to pass a drug test. There are several people who are considering this method because it helps then to clean their bodies easily. There are several detox drinks available in the market through which you will able to clear a drug test. As a reason in these types of drinks, you will go for the urine tract, which will remove all these toxic and harmful substances out from your body. It is possible to go for a drug test by choosing the right detox drink. With the help of these drinks, you will be able to toxin harmful substances in a few hours. As a reason, it will work with the help of urine as all these types of substances will be flush out. 

You can choose any good detox drink, but the working of this drink will stimulate on the amount which you have consumed. As a reason, if you consume the detox drink in a higher amount, then you will consider more urine tract, and it will easily remove all the harmful substances out from your body. It is also listed that with the help of a right detox drink, one can easily flush all the toxic substances. These detox drinks contain THC, which is also known as marijuana cleansing drinks, and these are easily available in the market as well as on online websites. If you are planning to buy one, then it is important for you to choose the right and appropriate drink so that it will deliver satisfactory results. 

Which is better than a detox drink or pill?

There are several individuals who are confused that either buy a detox drink or detox pill. Both these things are different from each other while testing a drug test. If you want an instant result as well as a simple method, then you can go for a detox drink because here, all the toxic substances will be removed from your body through urine. While you consider a detox pill, then it will require a longer period to cleans your body. So it is more effective as well as prominent for you to go for a detox drink rather than considering a detox pill. 

What is the right time to consume a detox drink?

If you are going through a supervised drug test, then it will become crucial for you to pass a drug test. But if you will go for a detoxification method to pass the drug test, then within some time, you will be able to clean all your body in a wise manner. When we consider the right time for using detox water or drink, then you have to consume it before five to six hours. As a reason, all the water will remove out from your body with the help of urine. It is important for you to drink a certain amount of water so that it helps you to cleanse it in an appropriate manner. 

What are the tips one should consider for passing a drug test?

In the lower section, after scrolling down, you will be going to read some of the tips through which you will easily pass a drug test such as:

  • Drink lots and lots of water so that all the toxic substances will remove out from your body with the help of urine.
  • Eat food which can be easily digested as well as try to eat in a very less quantity as a reason if you take a high amount of meals then it will somehow eliminate all the toxic substances out, so it is better for you to eat lightweight food.
  • Consider a drug test kit at your home so that you can also try it in your home for your satisfaction to pass a drug test. 

All the tips one should consider for passing a drug test is listed in the above section so that it will become helpful for you to remove drugs out from your body in an appropriate and simple method. May this above-listed information will become helpful for you to consider detoxification method for passing a drug test.

How to Teach Your Dog to Sit

The first command that you teach your dog will open a whole new world up to you and your canine. Many people don’t realize that once you get your pet into the routine of training with that first command, others follow quite easily!

A simple start is teaching the cue, “sit.” You’ll want a tasty treat on hand, something your pooch will work for. Next, you want to make sure that distractions are limited. Practice in the living room when you and Fido are the only ones home, for example. Let your dog sniff the treat (but don’t let him snatch it from you) so that you have his attention. Position yourself in front of him and slowly pull the object of his desire over his nose and toward his back. You’ll want to see him following it intently so that he has to back up a bit, thus putting his bottom to the floor. The moment rump meets carpet, heavily praise and treat your pup!

If this doesn’t work the first time, try again but keep training sessions short and fun. Remember that if you don’t have your dog’s attention, you haven’t picked the right treat! As much as it may seem like bribery, you are simply giving your dog a reason to work for you. Later on you can practice weaning him off the treats but for now, we just want him to understand what is being asked of him.

The most common reason that dogs do not respond to a cue (aside from being too heavily distracted) is not knowing what you mean. Keep it clear and simple. Refrain from using too much repetition of the command (“sit”) during training when your dog isn’t following through. This can lead to him becoming frustrated, bored, and eventually learning to tune out the word all together.

If switching to a more desirable treat doesn’t regain his attention, try again at a later time. Setting your dog up for success when training a new behavior is key. Would you start a beginner level math class with calculus and expect your students to stick with it? Keep in mind that dogs do not generalize behaviors, meaning that teaching this in your living room doesn’t necessarily mean it will cross over to the local park. Work your way up to training amidst distractions but increasing them gradually. For instance, start in your home, then try the back yard, then the front yard, then during walks, and so on. To help you out with training your dog, you can check barx buddy review. This will give you an idea on how to prooerly train your dog using the right training tool.

If you’re consistent and clear in what you want, you will be well on your way to having an obedient canine companion! “Sit” is just the beginning and you may be surprised at how far you can take any dog with the help of patience and positive reinforcement.

Want to Lose Weight? Start by Putting Down the Fork

Let’s start with the simplest of concepts….PUT THE FORK DOWN! I know rude and to the point but that is a huge problem. We go to a restaurant and order something and get a plate the size our butts end up being! (Aka HUGE!) We eat it all so as to not waste the food. If you are worried about the money issue with leaving food on a plate consider all the medical bills from having a heart attack and leaving half your sandwich doesn’t seem so bad. And “value meals” what is really the value there, are they gonna pay for your angioplasty after eating the super large amounts of fries dipped in whatever?

The trick to dieting is not to say, I cannot eat _______. Because whatever the blank is for you, no matter if you NEVER ate it before, you will want it bad if you tell your self you can’t have it. The key instead is to eat in moderation. And I know you don’t want to hear it but…exercise. Even walking is exercise. Park at the end of the parking lot instead of circling for an hour…it will save time and maybe a few pounds. If you have tried that, I mean really tried (you know if you REALLY gave it your all) then seeing a doctor is best. Losing weight is no longer cosmetic; it’s to save your life. It is to see your kids and grandkids grow up and to teach them how to eat healthy. If that means having the lap band surgery or the extreme measure of having gastric bypass, do it if it will save your life. Do you want to reduce the weight of the body? Then the checking of the resurge customer reviews will be beneficial. There will be no requirement of surgery for the weight reduction. The results will meet with the specifications of the person. The purchase of the pills will bring upsides for the health of the person. 

But realize first, we don’t just eat because we are hungry…so what void are you trying to fill? Because what you need to realize is, food won’t fix your problems. We eat when we are upset, angry, bored and we even do this late at night. You may not even realize how much you are eating. We take one bite here, then one here. By the end of the day the whole bag is gone and you wonder where it went! So, take your time, slow down, and enjoy what you are eating instead of wolfing it down like you are starving to death. Food is so much better when you can ACTUALLY taste it. You can’t really do that at an eating contest can you? So slow down the eating and speed up the exercising (as in actually do some!). But more importantly, be happy with you. If you are happy at the weight you are then who cares what everyone else thinks?

Federal Reserve Reform Could Right a Wrong

The Federal Reserve has a regulation called regulation d that declares it illegal to pay a free market rate of interest on what they declare “demand accounts”, these include savings accounts, CDs, and money market accounts. This regulation has been effect, under different names, since the Federal Reserve became the “sacred cow” of the United States government. Originally it was called Regulation Q.

This law was enacted by the Federal Reserve to keep banks from paying a fair, reasonable and morally correct interest rate to the average working person that is trying to make a safe and sound investment without undue risk of losing their money. The law forces the general working public to invest in stocks, bonds, Mutual funds and other risky investments that are more expensive and require financial knowledge that the average working person either does not have the time to learn the expertise of finance and investing or the ability to understand the complicated world of finance and investing.

By reforming the Federal Reserve and the elimination of regulation d banks and lending institutions could and would pay a fair, “free market”, rate to all savers and even beginner savers could realize a fair, reasonable and moral return on their savings investments.

Any reasonable person examining this regulation would realize that the government made this law to favor and benefit the banks and lending institutions. It is a totally one sided law that discriminates against the citizens that wish to get a fair, reasonable and safe return on their savings, CDs and money market funds. They had to make it a law in order to enforce this unreasonable, unfair and morally corrupt practice. By making it a law the banks could blame the government for the unfairness and collect their high interest rates on auto loans, personal loans and mortgages. No one wants to argue with the government and our government representatives do not want to haggle with the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve uses the excuse that people can withdraw their “demand accounts” any time they want and leave the bank with low funds. This excuse no longer works in the real world. With the Federal Reserve being the money supplier to banks they no longer need the savers accounts to stay in business.

With a fair, reasonable, “free market,” interest rate being paid to people with savings accounts, CD’s, and money market accounts people would have interest income that is either spent in the economy or left in the account to draw more interest. The interest income is taxed and put back into the government to be used to pay down the national debt. Money left in the hands of the banks and bankers does not always get back into the economy or get taxed.

This type of Federal Reserve reform would not only right a wrong that has been perpetrated on the American public but it would be good for the citizens, the county and the economy. Make interest rates on “demand accounts” fair, reasonable and equitable with credit cards, loans and mortgages. The working person’s money should be considered equal in value to the banks, legal moneylender, and lending institutions

Top 5 Vampire Movies

For a horror geek, I don’t really care for vampire flicks. Maybe it’s because I don’t normally listen to goth music. Maybe it’s because I don’t wear black for the sake of wearing black. Maybe it’s because I don’t like them. Whatever the reason, I’ve never fallen for the films that other rabid gore guzzlers seem to lap up. Fright Night, The Lost Boys, and Near Dark are all overrated, in my humble opinion. Not even 1931’s Dracula can woo me with much conviction. What vampire films are left, you ask? Well, here are what I consider to be the five greatest bloodsucker bashes of all time that you can watch for free on tinyzone and update your movie knowledge. 

  1. Horror of Dracula –

This Hammer classic revamped (pun intended) the Lugosi version in a refreshing, grandiloquent way. It’s pure horror to the decaying bone. The sets are majestic, the atmosphere is bleak, and the imagery would enliven the most unflappable genre buff. With a cast including Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and Michael Gough, it’s hard to steer off course.

  1. The Night Flier –

The most underrated Stephen King adaptation out there. The story follows a tabloid journalist who is determined to catch “The Night Flier,” a vampire who flies into desolate airports in the middle of the nights and feasts upon the locals. I never tire of watching this film. Miguel Ferrer’s performance as the hardened Richard Dees is faultless. The special effects are first-class for a straight-to-video jotting. Yes, it was sent barreling to video shelves, but don’t let that deter you. This is easily the best vampire yarn that no one ever chirps about.

  1. Nosferatu

I’m referring to the 1922 silent version, though the 1979 remake is just as masterful. Nosferatu portrays Dracula (here dubbed Count Orlock due to legal issues) as a meek, sallow creature who would rather keep to himself than seduce a concubine. It’s a darker take on the legend, and I like it. The lighting coupled with the clever shadow play creates a dreadful aura that outstrips any other silent horror film. This superannuated spooker is far more effective than its Universal counterparts.

  1. Blade II –

The original Blade didn’t tickle my pickle, but this souped-up sequel kicks a wide variety of ass. The action is unrelenting, the blood flows like grape soda, the camerawork is kinetic, and the pace never lets up. Less is more? I beg to differ. This flick will rip your veins out. In a good way.

  1. Let’s Scare Jessica to Death –

This is one of the more original vamp vestibules in the annals of horror history. Its methodical build-up may turn away some viewers, but those who stick around for the surreal third act are in for a treat along with a few tricks. I can dig on subtle genre fare just as heartily as I relish the visceral stuff. With “Jessica,” we’re allowed to develop a kinship with the characters before things begin to fester. You’ll be able to spot the twist ending from light-years away, but it doesn’t detract from the overall enjoyment of the film. Let’s invite Jessica to a vampire movie marathon!

How to Catch Big Bluegill

While fishing for bluegill is one of the most common pursuits of fisherman, it seems that few people take the time to keep bluegill for the frying pan. Since many bluegill are quite small perhaps learning to catch the larger bluegill in your normal fishing water will persuade you to try this tasty little fish. And for those few who pursue trophy sized bluegill this information will be valuable to you as well. Let’s get to the business at hand: catching big bluegill.

First we must determine what a big bluegill is. In some parts of the country catching 1 pound bluegill in the 10-12 inch range is not that uncommon. Where I live in West Virginia, that is quite an accomplishment. I suppose that I caught hundreds of bluegill over the years and maybe only a couple have approached a foot long. Size depends on where you live, but if you fish often you will know what size bluegill you normally catch. Our goal here is simply to catch larger bluegill than normal.

It takes much more than a few Top crappie rods to do so because bluegills are basically mischievous and sharp in nature that like to play with their food before eating it and it’s the same with the fisherman, who hava a hard time catching them. 

Bluegill are plentiful and successful reproducers. Though eaten by almost all predator fish in a body of water they are almost always the predominate fish where they exist. As such catching a large adult during the spawn will have no effect on populations. The spawn is the best time to catch large bluegill. In the central United States the spawn should be expected from May to July, a little earlier on the south and a little later in the north. As bluegill often nest in close proximity to another, there will be many large males in one area looking to keep predators away. Fisherman finding this area should be able to catch a few large bluegill in short order.

During the spawn, look for bluegill in shallow areas. Often only a few inches of water is need for bluegill to spawn. Sandy or gravel bottom areas are ideal for bluegill to spawn. Bouncing soft rubber baits or jigs into this area may provide fast bites from protective bluegill.

As you probably know, bluegill fishing with night crawlers often means fooling with small bluegill that seem to attack everything that hits the water. The best to deal with this is to switch to artificial baits that provide a larger hook. While the little guys will continue to hit the lure, you are making it more likely that the larger bluegill will get hooked. When fishing with bait I recommend setting the hook quicker to pull it away from smaller bluegill and hoping for a larger one that can get the whole hook into its mouth on the next bite.

A little fine tuning with your fishing style and fishing equipment should get you on to big bluegill in no time.

Weight Watchers Online: Should You Give it a Try?

I have always been a fickle dieter so finding a diet that I actually wanted to try and stick to seemed impossible. Three months ago I saw a commercial on TV for Weight Watchers. Out of curiosity I decided to check out their web site and see how their diet worked. There I found a free two week trial of their new online program and I decided to give it a try.

Weight Watchers is a program that helps you control your food intake by way of two options. The “Core Foods Plan” is the minimal counting plan that helps you loose weight by eating only select foods that are higher in fiber and lower in fat and calories. The only points that you need to count are the points for the things that you eat that aren’t on the core foods list called weekly allowance points. This plan is really great for people who don’t want to have to think too much. At online websites, the resurge customer reviews will be provided to the person. The balanced diet will be maintained as per the requirement through the supplements. Several diseases will be eliminated from the body of the person for healthy growth. Proper attention should be paid to the dose of the medicine. 

The points plan is the plan I used. I liked that I really didn’t have to stop eating anything and I could give in to cravings for things that you wouldn’t eat while on other diets. If I wanted to eat 10 cookies one day I could. I just needed to realize that when I was hungry in two hours, that I had already used up my points value. Not that I would suggest eating only cookies but, you get to make those choices your self. Planning ahead is the key to success for this counting plan. I would make lower point food choices for breakfast and lunch so that for dinner I could have a “normal” meal. I really like how it’s completely up to you.

With both plans there are the weekly allowance points. These points give you a little wiggle room for those days when you eat a little too much. A lot of the time with other diets I would blow it and then feel like my diet was too far gone to save. Weight Watchers understands this and gives you tool to stay on track.

With Weight Watchers Online you able to look up anything you eat to find the point value and even input a recipe of your own to calculate the points. With the online points tracker, a sort of food diary, you just have to put what you ate in and it keeps a running tally for you.

After using the Weight Watchers plan for three months I have lost twenty pounds. The greatest part is that it seems to be a long-term habit. I don’t count point but I defiantly look at food differently. I now know that basic calorie amounts in foods that I like to eat. I know when it something that I really shouldn’t eat. I also am more aware of proportion sizes and that alone is one of the major of my past eating habbits. I know that I can eat something but I also know how much of it is enough.

I would really recommend Weight Watchers to anyone who really wants to loose weight. The problem I’ve had with other diets is splurging on things that I wasn’t suppose to have but Weight Watchers allowed me to still eat those things in moderation. It has also proven to be easy to maintain because it has changed harmful eating habits to ones that support a healthy life style.

American Lung Association Vs. the Electronic Cigarette and Other Harm Reduction Products

I am a non-smoker. I have been using the electronic cigarette for nine months, the last two as a non-smoker. I am publishing this article due to the fact that I was unable to issue the complete text from an e-mail I sent to the ALA as a comment to an article published by Kristin Noll-Marsh titled American Lung Association vs. the Electronic Cigarette.

My story is the similar to the thousands that could be told by other non-smokers. The stance of the ALA and other supposed Health Associations prompted me to write to the ALA. The following is that Email.

This e-mail is in regards to Illinois in particular, but for the entire country in general. Your support for banning these products is deplorable. How can an organization that supposedly is concerned with public health take a position that takes 20% of the US population and basically states “QUIT OR DIE”. That is not what a true health organization’s stance would or should be. The authorization of the aquavape e cigarette liquid should be availed through the person. The percentage of the nicotine should be less so that no side-effects are provided on the health. The person will be educated about quit or die movement for reducing the addiction of smoking cigarettes for long period. 

A stance such as this only implies that there are external forces at play in the form of financial support from the two largest contributors to the Health Association Industry- Big Pharma and Big Tobacco. How do you people sleep? I don’t want to hear the rhetoric about the carcinogens, the DEG, the Children, the flavors etc. that were spewed by the FDA in their July 22 “Press Release” and their Dog and Pony show. I’m not a scientific type, but reviewing the actual report that the FDA based their “conclusions” on it was readily obvious that the “study” was seriously flawed. It compared E Cigarettes to “safe” (whatever that means compared to what FDA approves as safe Drugs, take a look at the Chantix version of safe) rather than comparing them to already approved NRT products or real cigarettes. The study only proved that E Cigarettes were tremendously safer than conventional cigarettes, It also showed them to be a more promising product to actually get people to stop smoking and improve their health. I believe this is your mission statement, improved health, why don’t you work toward that goal?

Look, I’m just a senior citizen that happened to smoke for 43 years. At the end, I had a two to three pack a day habit. I started smoking while in college waiting to graduate with the real prospect that my first job would be after I got drafted into the military. I did graduate and I did get drafted. Smoking gave me the relaxation from some major anxiety at that time in my life. By the time I got out and tried to resume a normal life I was hopelessly hooked.

I tried for years to quit using every FDA approved smoking cessation method that they approved. You know the ones I’m talking about. Expensive prescription drugs or, later, expensive OTC drugs that have less than a 10% success rate after a year. I tried herbal remedies over the years and hypnotism twice. I truly wanted to quit, I had a strong desire to quit, but I couldn’t quit, at least not for any reasonable length of time. My story is not that different than many of the 20% of the population that smokes in this country.

The best thing that the government did for me was to force the tobacco industry to add FSC to cigarettes. For me that was the reason that I started looking for a viable alternative to cigarettes. FSC changed the taste of cigarettes and almost immediately I developed a cough and started wheezing. I own property in Virginia and Pennsylvania so for a time I could buy non-FSC cigarettes in VA which helped. When they also added FSC the symptoms returned and I found the electronic cigarette. Just to mention, this addition to cigarettes was not tested by the FDA to see what the long term effects might be, but I’m willing to guess that it won’t be good.

Nine months ago I began the journey to finding a solution and it started with the E Cig. Within a few days I was down from an average of 50 cigarettes a day to about six. I also amazingly was coughing less and the wheeze went away. In two weeks, I was sleeping well through the night and not coughing at all, the changes were amazing. I felt healthier, I breathed like I hadn’t in years.

The electronic cigarette didn’t get me off cigarettes completely and I was frustrated for seven month. I wanted to quit but the E Cig was missing something, Researching further, I found Swedish snus, not the variation that Big Tobacco is now trying to sell to the American Public. I read the Karolinska Institutet cohort study and corresponded to others that have used snus and decided to try that. Two to four portions of snus a day along with vaping and I knew I had my last cigarette. That was two month ago and there will be no looking back, as long as these products remain on the market.

Today, after vaping up to 36mg nic liquid fairly often during the day and having a handful of cigarettes, I’m having those few snus portions and vaping as needed to deal with the “habit” portion of smoking- the hand to mouth and visual aspects of the smoking problem. I’ve reduced the level of nicotine in the vapor liquid I’m using to less than 10mg liquid and I’m almost certain that I could get away with no nicotine liquid, but don’t want to press the issue at this point in time.

What I’m saying in summary is that, from my experience, the anti smoking “science” of today is no better than the tobacco industries “science” of decades ago. Nicotine has been demonized in the anti-smoking conspiracy we have today as a means to justify an end. In my view, nicotine is only one third of the problem with smoking- the other two being the habit itself and the alkaloids that exist in tobacco. I view the alkaloids at this point as being the most damning aspect for the long term smoker, thus the reason for using anti-depressants as NRTs. The long term smoker will not get off cigarettes even if totally banned, we’ll just create another of a long line of black markets in America. No change in health, just more crime.

I have never been politically active, but I am one gray hair that will fight for the right to have this one decision left to the individual. I cannot sit back and watch our government kill hundreds of thousands of Americans in the name of health. Putting the electronic cigarette in a NDA or ANDA cycle, which will more than likely end in a refusal, only protects Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and FDA interests. The ultimate result will be the continued holocaust for those that were just unable to quit.

Organizations such as yours must look at harm reduction for you certainly know how bad cigarettes are. Do the right thing.

As to full disclosure, I have no financial interests in either the Electronic Cigarette industry or the Snus Industry. I also am retired from the Pharmaceutical Industry having worked for 18 years with Wyeth.

Cbd Topicals Work Wonders For Ms Pain

Multiple Sclerosis is an acute autoimmune disease that affects spinal cord and brain. Among the different symptoms of MS, one of the most painful is chronic muscle ache or spasm. Studies have shown CBD topicals could be beneficial to attenuate severe muscle ache associated with MS. CBD carries neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties that work against different common autoimmune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis. In fact, contemporary physicians can now legally prescribe a certain CBD oil to Muscular Sclerosis patients who did not have a satisfactory experience with traditional pharmaceuticals. Clinical trials with the oil have revealed patients experienced a much heathier life as well as lower spasticity after receiving the CBD oil.

Variety of CBD topicals

CBD topicals can be many and varied. You will get a wide range of CBD oils today. Besides, a browse through the CBD wellness market will also get you best cbd cream for arthritis and other painful woes. Then, of course there are lotions, ointments and tinctures. You will just need to apply them regularly on the pained area to experience prompt pain-relieving effects. Some people also mix the oil with food and beverages.

However, not all such CBD topicals that you see in the market would be equally great for you. Thus, the post below offers a brief on the top CBD topical brands that will be beneficial for MS patients or anyone suffering from bodyache.

Top brands for CBD topicals

Joy Organics

A name of big repute across the contemporary CBD wellness market, Joy Organics stands for au-natural premium THC-free CBD products. The company founder Joy Smith herself had a therapeutic experience with CBD oil in the past. CBD helped to calm her joint pain and improved her sleep quality. Such amazing health benefits inspired Joy to launch her own CBD brand so that more people can receive the health benefits of CBD. Joy Organics promises gluten-free CBD topical only, devoid of any harsh chemicals. The company is so confident that it even offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Browse online for Joy organics coupons to get 20% off.

Royal CBD

Although Royal is a relatively new entry in the market yet it has been able to command applauds and kudos from various quarters in a brief time. The main reason behind this rising popularity is certainly the brand’s strong focus on offering only the superior products. Royal CBD sources hemp from Colorado farms only which are lauded as the best in the America. Moreover, the California company also assures extensive verification of each CBD product by an unbiased 3rd-party lab only.


This Arizona-based company is renowned for offering some of the best CBD products in the market today. The brand practises a transparent operation and is always open about the source and processing of its topicals. PureKana extends completely organic and CO2-extracted Kentucky-grown CBD topicals which are excellent for pain relief. Added to CBD topicals, you will also find CBD edibles, gummies, capsules as well as bath bombs at the store.

NuLeaf Naturals

What’s special about NuLeaf Naturals is that the company woks with whole-plant extracts. Instead of deploying synthetic CBD and CBD Isolate, the company uses whole plants cultivated using sustainable and organic farming practices. As per the experts, NuLeaf Naturals offers the finest of full-spectrum CBD oils. You will get a wide range of options in regards to CBD oil strength here. The Colorado-based company offers bottles in sizes ranging from around 240 mg-4,850 mg. Bulk purchases often receive a handy discount from the store. The coolest part is NuLeaf not only has CBD products for humans but for pets as well.

Always consult your physician before consuming or applying a CBD product.