5 Movies Whose Soundtracks Were Inspired By EDM

A movie has several features that define it. Be it the cast, the crew, the plot, a movie needs it all to succeed. Apart from these however, is an underrated feature of a movie that is very important to connect with the audience, and that is the film’s soundtrack. It is the soundtrack of a movie that plays an important role in bringing out the emotions of the audience in synchronization with the actors and the plot.

EDM as a music genre has seen immense popularity across the world. When the genre of the movie’s soundtrack is also EDM, it unarguably brings the best out in the scenes. While we talk about the use of EDM as the soundtrack in a movie, let us take a look at the 5 best movies that have EDM songs and background tracks in them.

  1. The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift

The most notable movie to have come out of the Fast and Furious franchise in terms of electronic music has to be Tokyo Drift. Teriyaki Boyz’s title track for the movie had caught up with the youngsters at that time. It was a super hit. Then there was “Get Low” from Dillon Francis & DJ Snake is another EDM favorite accepted globally. Also Evil Nine’s “Restless”, as well as Pharrell’s DFA remix of “She Wants To Move” originally sung by N.E.R.D. are considered some of the best tracks in movies.

  1. TRON: Legacy

The most famous movie with EDM tracks has to be this. The unreal world of tech and sci-fi looked and felt so relatable with the deeply infused EDM soundtrack. Daft Punk did the entire music for this Disney film and it couldn’t get any better than this. There were inputs from another lesser known artist Joseph Trapanese, and the end result was downright astounding. TRON wouldn’t have been the same without its music!

  1. Dredd

Straight out of the world of comics, Judge Dredd is a character played by famous names over the years. The 2012 release saw Karl Uban in the shoes of the comic hero, and EDM as its soundtrack. The movie is definitely underrated because its unabashed aesthetics coupled with some hard-hitting electronic music throughout its runtime is one thrill of a watch. The pulsating music was the perfect score for the movie to accompany Judge Dredd and his adventures.

  1. Blade

While it might not be the most flawless action movie, Blade from the house of Marvel, definitely made for an enjoyable watch. Add to that some distinct flavors of electronic music at a time when EDM was not as popular. “Strictly Business” by Mantronik vs EPMD is one noteworthy soundtrack from the movie and happens to have a special place in the movie and the audience’s hearts.

  1. John Wick

While John Wick wasn’t particularly a movie that would have needed EDM as its soundtrack, the electronic score in the movie definitely did it good. The EDM used in the movie helps keep the tempo and thrill of the movie alive.

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